What People Are Saying About Us:

"With 6 children, 2 dogs, carpenter husband, wheelchair, and lots of entertaining and homeschooling, our carpets are really put through the test. We have be using Lapeer Steam Cleaning for several years now, and they are the only company we will ever use. Mark and his crew have been able to clean and restore my carpet to look like new each and every time they come into our home. With light colored carpet, that is not en easy job! I recommend Lapeer Steam Cleaning, and Thanks Mark for always being there when we need you to clean up after us!"
Bruce & Deborah Bowman - Lapeer
"For the last 12 years, Lapeer Steam Cleaning has been taking care of my carpets. I have had spots of a known and unknown nature and they have always got them cleaned. This company is on time, professional, and friendly. In my opinion, you can't get any better job done for the money. Don' take my word, try them once and they will be who you choose for your carpets."
Dee Griffith - Lapeer
"Lapeer Steam Cleaning is not just a carpet cleaning company, they are a team of professionals that do a professional job every time. They made my dingy looking carpet look clean and beautiful like new. As far as customer service, they are excellent. You aren't treated like just a customer. The Lapeer Steam Cleaning Team is friendly, honest, careful, clean, reliable and trustworthy. Don't just call anyone to clean your carpeting, call these professionals. There is a difference."
Jeff & Francine Wells - North Branch
"If your looking for a carpet cleaning company, I know the one just for you. I recommend Lapeer Steam Cleaning if your looking for dependable, trustworthy people to make your carpet and furniture look brand new. I have used them for years and truly appreciate their work. I recently chose to try someone else only to find out that 3 days later, Lapeer Steam Cleaning would have to come back to correct my mistake. Thank you Mark at Lapeer Steam Cleaning for letting me love my carpet again!"
Al & Melissa Butler - Lapeer
"As a customer of Lapeer Steam Cleaning for 5 years, with several cleanings done per year, I can definitely recommend them highly. They have always been prompt, courteous and offering good pricing as well. But more importantly, the results of their work has always been top notch. With each carpet cleaning, they spend a great deal of time making sure that every spot and stain has been taken care of. Our carpet always looks new when they leave! We would not even consider using any other service. Thank You Lapeer Steam Cleaning!"
Julie Mckee - Metamora
"We had a house that we rented out and the people that rented it had a little girl about 2 or 3. They didn't put her in a high chair to eat. They let her walk all over the house with a plate of food all the time. You can imagine the mess it made on the carpet (the whole house was carpeted). We didn't know if we could clean it or not. It was only 1 year old, but we decided to try Mark and he got it clean even red crayon. (yea!) I highly recommend him. We bought the carpet just before they moved in. They stayed a year."
Fran Yates - Lapeer
"Soon after buying our first home, a forclosed property here in lapeer, we realized that something serious was going to have to be done about the carpets. We hated feeling like we couldn't even walk barefoot in our own house because of what might be in our carpet. Before going through with our plans of ripping all of it out and putting it at the curb we decided to let Lapeer Steam Cleaning take a shot at it. To our amazement they got every stain and blotch out and not only did our house smell so much better, the carpet looked brand new!! Please give these guys a shot before you waste money on replacing good carpet that just needs a real professional clean."
Andrew & Alicia Kluck- Lapeer